21st May 2017 - Raby Races

Raby Castle 5k and 10k Results Click on Links below

10k Results

5k Results

3k Results

The Raby Castle Races will be held on Sunday 21st May 2017. A new 3k race will be included to cover the 11yrs old and under athletes.

Couch to 5k

Our latest couch to 5k program started on Thursday 2nd February. There will be a new program starting in September.

Previous graduate from the couch to 5k quote.
"I joined the Teesdale Athletic Club in September 2015 when I took part in the couch to 5k group with the aim to becoming fitter. I have continued to attend the club and taken part in some 10k races including one in Edinburgh. I enjoy going to the club sessions as I find everyone friendly and supportive, and I feel it has really improved my fitness"