New Members

The Teesdale Athletic Club was founded in 1984 by a small group of athletes. Now, we have members of all standards and ages, who regularly enjoy taking part in a full range of activities including road running, cross country, track and field, fell and trail running . We even have some of our club members competing in triathlons. We are based in Barnard Castle and welcome all from the surrounding Dales, a place of outstanding beauty with great castles, abbeys and a breathtakingly peaceful atmosphere.

We know it can be a bit daunting taking the first step of joining an athletic club, especially if you've never been a member of a club before. Our message to you is simply don't be. Many of our exisitng club members started out on our very own Couch to 5 km (C25K) programme. After graduating they have continued to embrace the full range of training opportunities we offer to both new and experienced athletes irrespective of ability, age and commitment. No matter what your level of fitness, you will be sure to receive a warm and friendly welcome.

Our qualified and highly experienced coaching staff are committed to providing first class physical education offering structured training sessions and advice to help you achieve your fitness goals and ambitions. We provide regular training sessions to boys and girls from 5 years and older. Our Infants U8 group is open to all 5 to 7 year olds with an interest in having fun developing physical skills at the same time as training the mind to focus, to persevere and most importantly - to believe in oneself. Sportsmanship and team spirit run in the veins of each and every sportsman, and these traits form an intrinsic part of the ethos of our club. The Juniors U12 group continues to build fitness levels and skills that will help them prepare for more physically demanding events offered to our Tack and Field group. Our Junior U18 group usually graduate from the Junior U12 group but we welcome anyone from 11 to 17 years who would like to become a member.

Regardless of abilities and experiences, if you have the enthusiasm and a willingness to learn and want to meet up with like minded people, we'd love to hear from you. You are under no obligation to join immediately. We want you to be sure that the club is right for you before you commit. So why not just come along and join us for a couple of weeks and see how things go. If, after a couple of sessions, you feel you would like to become a member, please speak to one of our coaching staff, or contact the Membership Secretary.

For more information about the different groups, including where and when each training session is held, click here.

Membership Forms

Your membership will only be activated when we recieve your completed membership form and Club Membership fee. For full details of type of membership supported including costs please see the table below. A print version of the membership forms are available here:

Membership Form for Young Athletes (aged 5 to 17 years).
Membership Form for Seniors (aged 18 years and over). Membership-Form-Seniors-2019.docx

Existing Members

Click here for the Membership Renewal FAQ.

GDPR and Data Protection Notice

A change in government legislation regarding data protection called The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be in place from 25th May 2018.

When you become a member of or renew your membership with Teesdale Athletic Club you will automatically be registered as a member of England Athletics. We will provide England Athletics with your personal data which they will use to enable access to an online portal for you (called myAthletics). England Athletics will contact you to invite you to sign into and update your MyAthletics portal (which, amongst other things, allows you to set and amend your privacy settings). If you have any questions about the continuing privacy of your personal data when it is shared with England Athletics, please contact

Why Join Teesdale Athletic Club?

There are so many good reasons to join Teesdale Athletic Club, here are just a few:

  • Social runs on a Sunday morning.
  • Many different formal and informal track, interval and hill training sessions to improve your speed and endurance.
  • Be part of a running community, wearing Teesdale Athletic Club kit.
  • As a UK England registered athlete this entitles you to discounted entry on permitted/licenced events.
  • Social events including post race meals and our annual festive Christmas Party.
  • Explore and enjoy the countryside in arguably one of the most beautiful parts of the country.
  • Regular beginner (running) courses for those just starting out.
  • Take part in one of the Club Challenges designed to cater for runners of all ages and abilities.
  • Free regular newsletter.
  • Discounts to a selection of high quality club kit.

First or Second Claim

What does it mean?

When athletes come into the sport one of the first things they do is to join an athletics club. As soon as they sign up for a club they automatically become a first claim member of it. There is one exception to this relating to athletes still at school. In this case the school always has first claim on their services. Other than that an athlete becomes a first claim member of the first club they join.

An athlete may later on decide to join another club. For a variety of reasons (which could include social or coaching) it sometimes suits people to do so. Athletes could then compete for their second claim club, when not required by their first claim club, but only in competitions that permit this. Some leagues, for instance, specify that participation is restricted to first claim members only, but there are some competitions that allow second claim members to take part.

When making application to join another club the athlete is required to nominate which club will be the first claim club. You can race as an individual in open races for any club you are a member of. However, for league and championship races and to count as part of a scoring team, you have to compete for your first claim club, unless it is not affiliated to UKA for that discipline, or is not participating in that league. This system is primarily designed to stop elite athletes swapping from club to club regularly.

How to change your First Claim Status

Please contact the Membership Secretary for help and advise of your planning to claim to or from Teesdale Athletic Club.

Make it Count

When competing for Teesdale Athletic Club please use the club name Teesdale Athletic Club on all entry forms. You are encouraged to wear club kit if possible, noting that this is mandatory if competing at championships.

Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership was introduced in 2012. Honorary Membership is conferred upon individuals who are elected to undertake the duties of one of the principle roles in the club committee. Selection of Honorary Members is the confirmed through election at the club AGM. The position of Honorary Membership is retained for 12-months during which time payment of Club Annual Fee is waivered. In addition, the UK England Athletics Registration fee for all current Honorary Members is paid for on behalf of the club. At the end of the 12-month term Honorary Members normal club status will be reinstated and payment of Club Membership fees will be collected.

Honorary Member - Nov 2017 to Nov 2018
President John West
Chairman Alan Bray
Secretary Skye Archer
Treasurer Donna Hawcroft

Life Membership

Life Membership will ordinarily be granted only in recognition of a significant personal contribution to the Club’s affairs. Selection of Life Members is the responsibility of the Committee.

Life Member
Jim Lee July 1997, in recognition of his contribution and services to the club
Wendy Lee July 1997, in recognition of her contribution and services to the club
Ken Sanderson July 2014, in recognition of his contribution and services to the club
Ann Sanderson July 2014, in recognition of her contribution and services to the club

Club Membership Fees 2018

If you decide to join the club, please contact the club Membership Secretary or speak to one of our coaching staff on any of the organised training sessions. They will request you return a completed Membership Form.

When your details have been added to the Teesdale Athletic Club portal, you will receive an email requesting payment for Club Membership fees.

Teesdale Athletic Club has a new system in place, powered by UK England Athletics and PayZip, that allows you to pay your Club Membership fees online. By paying online you help reduce the time spent administrating the membership so your co-operation and support is warmly welcome. This service is available to members 18 years and over. A useful guide explaining how to pay using the online scheme is available here.

Club Membership fees are collected on 1st April every year and remain valid for 12-months. Teesdale Athletic Club will manage UK England Athletic registration on your behalf. When your Club Membership fee is due, you will receive an email requesting payment. Once payment as been received the club will pay the UK England AThletics Registration fee.

Club Membership fee includes both Annual Club fee and UK England Athletics Registration.

Type Age Annual Club Fee UK England Athletics Registration
Infants U8 5 to 7 years old approx. £19.50 per term N/A
Juniors U12 8 to 11 years old approx. £19.50 per term N/A
Track & Field 11 to 16 years old approx. £19.50 per term £15.00 per 12-months (Note 1)
Juniors U18 11 to 17 years old £16.00 per 12-months £15.00 per 12-months (Note 1)
Seniors 18 years and older £25.00 per 12-months £15.00 per 12-months
2nd Claim N/A £25.00 per 12-months £15.00 per 12-months (Note 2)
FT Student N/A £25.00 per 12-months £15.00 per 12-months (Note 1)
Senior Citizens 65 years and older £5.00 per 12-months £15.00 per 12-months
Unemployed 18 years and older £15.00 per 12-months £15.00 per 12-months (Note 1)
Honorary Member N/A £0.00 per 12-months £15.00 per 12-months (Note 1)
Life Member N/A £0.00 £15.00 per 12-months (Note 1)

Note 1: The club will pay UK England Athletics Registration fee for individuals competing in UK England Athletics events.
Note 2: If the 2nd Claim UK England Athletics Registration is not valid at time of transfer then the 2nd Claim will pay UK England Registration fee.
Note 3: UK England Athletics increased the UK England Athletics Registration fee from £14 to £15 as from 1st April 2018.