Club Challenges 2018

After a fantastic response from all club members the Team Captains have put together a set of challenges that will appeal to all Senior members. The 3 challenges set for 2018 are:

  • Club Championship 2018 - Similar to previous years. Best 10 races from the Race Calendar (see below).
  • Time Trial (TT) Challenge 2018 - New for this year. 4 events to be held during the year. A chance to measure your level of performance against the clock.
  • Distance Challenge 2020 - New for this year. A 3-season endurance opportunity to push yourself. Distances makes prizes!

Club Championship 2018

A total of 43 races have been carefully selected by the Team Captains to encourage athletes of all ages and abilities to participate in this years Club Championship 2018 challenge.

  • Challenge: Earn as many points by completing races listed in the Race Calendar. You'll earn more points the higher position you finish, with a maximum of 20 points on offer for each race.
  • Prize Information: Prizes will be awarded at the end of season to the first and second Senior (18 years old and over) male and female, based on total number of points earned.
  • Additional Information:
    • Only 1 event from each calendar month can count towards this year's Club Championship. The Leader Board automatically selects your highest scoring event from each of the 12 calendar months.
    • From the 12 highest scoring events that have been automatically selected (1 from each calendar month), only your best 10 will count towards this year's Club Championship. The Leader Board automatically selects your best 10 events.
    • A maximum of 20 points will be awarded for first Senior (18 years and older) male and female club member cross the finish line, 19 points for second position and so on.
  • At the end of the competition in the event of a tie, the runner with the most completed events listed on the Race Calendar wins. If they are still equal then the runner with the greater distance completed wins.
  • Age and Eligibility: To enter this challenge you must be a fully paid member of Teesdale Athletic Club Seniors group and aged 18 years old and over at 1st Dec 2017.
  • Leader Board: For the latest results click male or female.

Time Trial (TT) Challenge 2018

The first thing to understand about the time trial is that it’s not a race, or doesn’t have to be, and that really is the beauty of it. Essentially, time trials are simply a chance to measure your current level of performance against the clock. The route chosen should be familiar to most club members, so helping you focus on the session. It’s not just about how many kilometres you run, it’s about the intensity. For an effective session we don't want you to feel totally exhausted at the end of a faster session, however you do need to run faster than you normally would.

  • Challenge: To complete 1 lap of the 6.7 km route in the safest and fastest time.
  • Route: Detail of the route can be found here.
  • Prize Information: Prizes will be awarded at the end of season to the fastest male and female club member based on the times recorded during all 4 Time Trial Challenge events.
  • Additional Information:
    • The Time Trial (TT) Challenge will be held 4 times during the 2018 season on the dates listed below, meeting at the Teesdale Leisure Centre at 9:00am.
    • After a short warm up session Team Captains will brief all those wishing to take part on the morning of each event.
    • Team Captains will be responsible for recording athletes individual run times.
    • If required (subject to number of athletes taking part), runners will start at 30-second intervals.
    • Team Captains reserve the right to cancel any Time Trial (TT) Challenge on the morning of each event if they consider weather conditions or any other factor, might compromise the safety of athletes taking part. Furthermore, if an individual wishing to take part in any one event is not considered fit enough to complete the challenge, e.g. due to injury, the Team Captains may decide the best action is to prevent that individual taking part. In all circumstances individuals are kindly requested to respect the final decision of the Team Captains.
      • TT 1 - Sunday 20th May 2018
      • TT 2 - Sunday 17th June 2018
      • TT 3 - Sunday 19th August 2018
      • TT 4 - Sunday 14th October 2018
  • Age and Eligibility: To enter this challenge you must be a fully paid member of Teesdale Athletic Club Seniors group and aged 18 years old and over at 1st Dec 2017.
  • Hall of Fame: For the latest results click here.

Distance Challenge 2020

This is a fantastic opportunity to work towards set goals. We have deliberately designed this challenge to run over 3-seasons providing plenty of time for club members irrespective of age and ability to achieve something rather special. You will find no time penalties or peer pressure here, this is your challenge so make every step count. If you have lots of enthusiasm and determination to go that extra mile, this challenge is for you.

  • Challenge: The Distance Challenge is a 3-season endurance opportunity to push yourself. Whether you start the Challenge at the beginning of 2018 season or join in the months ahead, set a distance goal and make it happen. You’ll get progress rewards to keep you motivated along the way. Make it to 600 km and you’ll earn a coveted red wrist band and your name listed on the Distance Challenge Hall of Fame.
  • Challenge Ending: 20th November 2020.
  • Prize Information: Each athlete will be rewarded with a different coloured wrist band on completion of total number of kilometers run as set out below:
    • 60 km - WHITE
    • 120 km - ORANGE
    • 200 km - GREEN
    • 300 km - BLUE
    • 450 km - BLACK
    • 600 km - RED
  • Additional Information:
    • The Distance Challenge 2020 will start from the 16th December 2017 and will run for 3-seasons; ending on the 20th November 2020.
    • Athletes run distance from all organised run events, including those listed in the Race Calendar and Park Runs, can be used for this challenge.
    • It is the individual athlete's responsibility to maintain an accurate log of all events completed by recording the following information: (1) Name of event (2) date and (3) distance completed. A Team Captain may request to see your Run Activity Log when claiming a reward.
    • To help you keep track of your events a print version of a Distance Challenge Run Activity Log is available here.
    • All run distances will be recorded in kilometers.
  • Age and Eligibility: To enter this challenge you must be a fully paid member of Teesdale Athletic Club Seniors group and aged 18 years old and over at 1st Dec 2017.
  • Hall of Fame: For the latest results click here.

Park Run UK

These events usually take place in pleasant parkland surroundings and Teesdale Athletic Club actively encourages its members of every ability to take part; from those taking their first steps in running to our more experienced athletes. More information about Park Run in the UK can be found here.

Race Calendar

A print version of the Race Calendar showing the first 6-month from 1st Dec 2017 to 31st May 2018 is available here. The print version includes a My Race Log which provides space for you to record individual race time, position, gear and any notes for future reference.
Dates annotated with an asterisk (*) mean the date of the race is to be confirmed.

Date Distance Event Location Terrain Code
 31-12-2017  10 km  Jolly Holly Jog **SOLD OUT** Ripon Trail JOL10
 21-01-2018  5 km   10 km  Resolution Run Carlisle Road RES10
 03-02-2018  5 km   10 km  Bolton Abbey Trial **SOLD OUT** Bolton Trail BOL10
 04-02-2018  10 km  St Wilfrid's Muddy Boots Ripon Multi WIL10
 25-02-2018  5 km  Tees Trail Tees Barrage Trail TEE5
 03-03-2018  5 km   8 km  Newcastle University Cow Bell Road Race Town Moor Road COW8
 11-03-2018  5 km   HALF  Roma Ostia HM Rome Road ROM13
 17-03-2018  5 km   10 km   18 km  Lakeland Trails in Cartmel Cartmel Racecource Trail CAR18
 18-03-2018  10 mi  Thirsk 10 Mile Road Race Thirsk Racecource Road THK10
 28-03-2018  5 km  Children with Cancer South Park Darlington Darlington Road DAR5
 31-03-2018  10 km  Run Northumberland Cragside National Trust Cragside Road CRA10
 11-04-2018  5 mi  Hartlepool Marina 5 Mile Road Hartlepool Road HAR5
 15-04-2018  10 mi  Vale of York 10 Mile Road York Road YOR10
 21-04-2018  10 km  Run Durham Hamsterley Trail 10 km Hamsterley Trail HAM10
 25-04-2018  5 km  Spring Coast Road Race Redcar Road SPR5
 29-04-2018  10 km  Fountains Abbey 10 km Grantley Multi FOU10
 09-05-2018  5 mi  Pie & Peas 5 Mile Redcar Road PIE5
 13-05-2018  10 mi  Durham Trail 10 Mile Durham University Trail DUR10
 13-05-2018  HALF  Leeds Half Marathon Leeds Road LEE13
 13-05-2018  10 mi  Ripon 10 Mile Ripon Multi RIP10
 26-05-2018  5 km   10 km  Edinburgh Marathon Festival Edinburgh Road EMF10
 27-05-2018  HALF   FULL  Edinburgh Marathon Festival Edinburgh Road EMF26
 27-05-2018  10 km  Northallerton 10 km Northallerton Road NOR10
 09-06-2018  5.5 mi  Blaydon 5.5 Mile Blaydon Road BLA5
 17-06-2018  HALF  Pieces of 8 HM Penshaw Trail PO813
 20-06-2018  10 km  Run Northumberland 10 km Stamfordham Road STA10
 24-06-2018  HALF  Hadrian's Wall HM Haltwhistle Trail HAD13
 18-07-2018  5 km  Spring Coast Road 5 km Redcar Road SPR5
 18-07-2018  10 km  Run Northumberland 10 km Morpeth Road WAL10
 29-07-2018  14 mi  Northumberland Coastal Run 14 Mile Beadnell Habour Road BEA14
 05-08-2018  10 km  ASDA Foundation York 10 km York Road ASD10
 11-08-2018  10 km  Gateshead Trail 10 km Swalwell Road GAT10
 12-08-2018  10 km  Sherwoods Vauxhall Darlington 10 km Darlington Road SHE10
 02-09-2018*  3 km   10 km  Middlesbrough Tees Pride Middlesbrough Road MID10
 02-09-2018  10 km  Tholthorpe 10 km Tholthorpe Road THO10
 10-09-2018  HALF  Vale of York HM York Road YOR13
 30-09-2018*  10 km  Redcar Running Festival Zetland 10 km Zetland Road ZET10
 00-10-2018*  10 km   HALF  Active Northumberland Kielder Water Trail AKW13
 07-10-2018  10 km  Hellhole MT 10 km Race Derwentside Trail HEL10
 08-10-2018  10 km  Richmond Castle 10 km Richmond NY Road RIC10
 00-10-2018*  10 km   HALF   FULL  Forest and Moors Dalby Forest Tracks FOR26
 00-11-2018*  10 km  Age UK Leeds Abbey Dash Leeds Road LEE10
 00-11-2018*  10 km  Ravenstonedale 10 km Ravenstonedale Trail REV10