Club Challenge Time Trial #1

Sunday, May 6, 2018 at 01:07PM

TT1 3

Relive 'TAC: Time Trial #1'

On Sunday 6th May five members of the Club took part in the inaugural Time Trial for 2018. The challenge is to complete 1 lap of a 6.7 km route in the safest and fastest time. The challenge will be held 4 times during the 2018 season and is open to all club members. After a quick brief, and under the supervision of Amanda and Simon [time keepers], the five runners set off from Teesdale Sports Centre. Heading out toward Stainton Village and returning down Coal Road before one last sprint across the finish. All runners returned in high spirits and collected a well earned cooling bottle of water. Congratulations to Joshua Mawer on crossing the finish line first in an impressive time of 27:46.37 [mm:ss.sss]. Sean Williams followed soon after in 31:20.55, Alan Bray 34:18.33, Skye Archer 39:55.05 and Trudy Layton 44:06.34. Special thanks to Amanda and Simon for volunteering as time keepers and arranging water for all runners crossing the finish.

This event is included in the Club Challenges Time Trial, updates to the Hall of Fame are available to view here.