Cragside 10k

Wednesday, April 18, 2018 at 07:46AM

Cragside 10k 2018

Teesdale AC fielded 6 runners to contest Cragside 10K in Northumberland. A visually stunning race which wends its way through some of the thousand acres attached to The National Trust’s Cragside Hall. The race is not only appealing for its scenery, this is also a stern test for runners of all abilities given that the route includes an almost continual climb between 4 and 8 Kilometers. Competitors were relieved to discover however that the final 2 kilometers are downhill encouraging a fast finish. Notwithstanding an early start, Teesdale runners were highly enthusiastic about the race and revelled in one of the first sunny race days of 2018. All Teesdale runners acquitted themselves admirably but special mention to Andrew Crawley first teesdale runner home in 55.15, Judith Rodwell whose first in age category finish 55.20 saw her in the prizes and Fiona Bainbridge who on her birthday bagged a 69.54 PB. Barbara Crawley posted a time of 56.21, Amanda Pettitt 65.06 and Morag Burton 69.54. Team Teesdale celebrated with cake in the Old Stable Block overlooking Tumbleton Lake before heading home.

This event is included in the Club Championship race calendar, updates to the leader board have been completed.