Fountains Abbey 10k

Sunday, April 29, 2018 at 07:19PM

Fountains Abbey 10k 2018
Fountains Abbey 10k 2018 2

Fountains Abbey 10k is a great little race if you like hills, and mud. The race starts in the village of Grantley and the 400 runners were sent on their way by the village brass band. The first few metres are flat, then a left turn out of the village and up the hill, which sets the tone for the rest of the race. After 2k the race turns right and on to the moor following some boggy rutted tracks until the famous Puddle. Some runners waste precious seconds trying to get round it but the easiest option is just straight through and onwards through some minor puddles and back onto the road. Now for a run downhill and some undulating roads until at 9 the equally famous Hill of Pain, a test of stamina until the final run into the village where the race finishes on the school sports field and the runners are cheered on the final 200 metres by what appears to be the entire village. 4 TAC members took to the hills; Andrew Crawley, finishing in 55.42, followed by Barbara Crawley 58.15, Judith Rodwell 1.00.24 and Amanda Pettitt 1.07.54. A well supported, well marshaled, friendly race.

This event is included in the Club Championship race calendar, updates to the leader board have been completed