High Cup Nick Fell Race

Sunday, February 25, 2018 at 04:59PM


On Saturday 24th February members of the Teesdale Athletic Club competed in the High Cup Nick Fell Race. This is a friendly race that has grown in popularity over recent years, starting and finishing in the picturesque village of Dufton in the Eden Valley. The route follows one of the classic walks of the North Pennines with the half way point ascending the mighty High Cup Nick waterfall before returning on the western ridge back towards Dufton. The route took runners over open fields, marshland and rocky terrain. A cold head wind made going quite tough during the first section which was all uphill before leading runners into the mouth of High Cup. Thankfully this year the waterfall was dry which made the last scramble to the top much easier - but still needed extra care on the narrow stony footpath. Taking time to take in the magnificent view looking back down the perfectly u-shaped valley, it was time to push on, heading back along the ridge towards Dufton. The race is a major fund raiser for the Village Hall, and its clear to see judging by the mountain of cakes and hot soup given to all runners crossing the finish line, the event is very well supported by all the community. A truly awesome day. Official race times confirm Steve Moss finished in 1:35:46, Peter Wilcox a few seconds behind in 1:36:06, Denise Tunstall time 1:48:25 was followed by Sean Williams in 1:48:36. A copy of the fell race Official results can be downloaded here.