Training Session Route: Grey Lane - Old School Close

Route Information

The route information provided shows the distance for the longer route starting at the junction of Thorngate and Grey Lane to the end of Old School Lane and back.

  • Name: Grey Lane - Old School Close
  • Distance: 0.702 km (1 rep)
  • Total Ascent: 8 m (1 rep)
  • Terrain: Road

Route Description

The Teesdale Athletic Club Grey Lane - Old School Close training session is a great hill session offering different distances to satisfy all abilities.

Training Session Route: 6 Hills Grey Lane and Old School Close

This training session offers 2 starting points: (1) at the junction where Thorngate meets Grey Lane and (2) on the corner of Grey Lane and Wesley Terrace. From your chosen start point head up Welsey Terrace following the road round to the right leading to Old School Close. Continue along this road until you reach the end of Old School Close. Here, turn around and start your jog recovery back to your chosen start point. Repeat as required.

Route Map

Route map for 6 Hills Grey Lane - Old School Close by Sean Williams on