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Training Schedule

Our regular club training sessions are detailed below. Each training session is designed to cater for runners of all abilities. Group A will meet the needs of more accomplished runners who train and run on a regular basis, normally with experience of competing in multiple races. Training sessions designed for Group B tend to be the same as Group A but with fewer reps. Group C welcomes all those new to the sport, runners who have recently completed a Couch to 5K programme and those not quite ready to take on the challenge of a more rigorous training programme. Group C also offer a more gentle training session for those recovering from injury too.

  • Unless stated otherwise all Groups will set off from Teesdale Leisure Centre at 6:00pm prompt.
  • If available, a link to the training session route map and more detailed route description is provided.
  • Warm-up: Group Leaders will guide runners to the session start point stopping enroute to complete a series of dynamic warm-up stretches and exercises.
  • Recovery: Group Leaders will guide runners back to the leisure centre. On return runners are advised to complete the following static cool down stretches for 10 to 15 seconds, making sure to do both sides: Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Glutes, Chest, Triceps/shoulders and Core/back.
  • High visibility clothing is essential at all times during the year.

A print version of the latest training session schedule 3rd January to 26th March is available to download here


Qualified club coaches can assist you with a training schedule to help you attain your target and offer advice on warming up, core strength training and how to avoid injuries.

Tuesday 19th March Sprints on Bridgegate
A Group Led by Alan 10x2x150 metres Inters 8x2x150metres.
B Group Led by Linda 8x2x150 metres Inters 6x2x150metres.
C Group Led by Caroline 6x2x150 metres

Thursday 21st March Short Hills Barnie Bank
A Group Led by Skye 12 Hills Inters 9 Hills
B Group Led by Judith 10 Hills
C Group Led by Judith 8 x Hills.

Tuesday 26th March Hills Grey Lane & Old School Close__
A Group Led by Alan 8 Hills Inters 6 Hills
B Group Led by Linda 6 Hills Inters 5 Hills
C Group Led by Caroline 5 Hills

Thursday 28th March Woodside Wellington Rd
A Group Led by Alan 4 x 2 Laps Inters 3 x 2 Laps
B Group Led by Skye 3 x 2 Laps
C Group Led by Linda 3 x 2 Laps

How to warm up

Stretching Exercise #1: Hamstring Stretch

There are two primary ways to do the seated hamstring stretch (1) split your legs apart like I do in the photo above, or (2) you can bend one leg and keep the other extended straight in front of you. It looks a little like the butterfly stretch below, but one leg is extended forward and the bent leg is against the ground. Both stretches are a great way to stretch your hamstrings, which are the muscles on the back of your thigh that can cause low back discomfort if they are too tight. To make the stretch more intense, pull you toe towards your body, flex your quads, and reach as far as you can.

Stretching Hamstring

Stretching Exercise #2: Butterfly Groin Stretch

Here, press your elbows down in an effort to increase the stretch. The closer you put your feet to your body, the more intense the stretch will be.

Stretching Butterfly Groin

Stretching Exercise #3: Lying Hip Stretch

Your hands are supposed to be around your right knee to pull the left leg towards your body. This is a great hip stretch that I think you should incorporate into your routine. Most guys have very tight hips, so this is particularly important for guys.

Stretching Hip

Stretching Exercise #4: Lying Quad Stretch

Of all the stretches listed, this one you may consider doing while standing while holding on to your foot with both hands. I included the lying quad stretch because the theme is doing all the stretching exercises on the ground, but try it out and see what you think. The further you bring your knee backwards, the more intense the stretch. The quadriceps are muscles on the front of your leg.

Stretching Lying Quad

Stretching Exercise #5: Calf Stretch

The standing version is pushing against a wall, but you can also do this exercise simply by pushing against the ground. Many runners in particular can have very tight calves, so this stretch is particularly important if you do a lot of high volume cardio. Feel free to play around with the angle that your foot is pressing against the ground. The further greater the angle of your foot, the more it works your upper vs. your lower calves.

Stretching Calf

Stretching Exercise #6: Shoulder Stretch

This stretch engages primarily your medial and posterior deltoid (shoulder) and is easy to execute. This is a stretch you should definitely perform as you workout as well. Simply press while pulling your opposite elbow towards your opposite shoulder

Stretching Shoulder

Stretching Exercise #7: Triceps Stretch

This movement stretches all three heads of the triceps muscle. To make the stretch more intense, pull your elbow behind your head as far as possible while keeping the hand of the arm that is being stretched close to the shoulder.

Stretching Tricep

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